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I am a Brazilian-American chef, writer, brand ambassador and food consultant. After graduating from Brown University with a B.A. in post-1800s European history, I worked as an editor at Epicurious for 5 years and then pursued a graduate degree from the Chef's Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute. I first entered the restaurant world as the co-founder of Comodo in 2012. 

While I have lived in New York City for over 14 years, I had the fortune of living in countries such as Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Russia and Portugal. Though I've moved around quite a bit, one thing has never changed: my love of all things food. I love exploring all the nuances of taste, smell and, well, eating & cooking. While I love recreating my all-time favorites from the countries I've lived in, I'm always up for a new experiential challenge; whether I'm cooking for a Japanese breakfast pop-up, coming up with a new sundae topping for a friend's gelato brand, or managing a taco stand in the Rockaways, no food adventure seems too foreign or crazy to me.

Brands have invited me to develop and test new recipes, or host onsite table-side press junkets.   In 2016, I was part of Summit at Sea's culinary program,  for which I hosted two-night Latin-influenced pop-up on a ship with over 3,000 influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. In 2017, James Beard Foundation selected me as one of its featured chefs for "The Benefit Sunday Suppers: Flavors of the Americas" dinner connected to their Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. I also co-produced Harlem Paladar, a week-long pop-up that brought together people from different communities under one roof. Most recently I produced a press dinner for Dig House at their soon to be location on 70 Prince Street, and cooked for a weekend retreat for 20 people at a retreat center in Rhinebeck, NY, The Dutchess. The co-working space for women in New York City, The Wing, hired me to curate and cook a brunch for women from Bustle, Girls Right Now, and City Harvest NYC; and I have collaboratedwith the founders of Quilt, an online platform that empowers female entrepreneurs to open their homes to other women for co-working and events.

At the same time, in the past year I've focused on aligning myself with individuals/organizations/companies who are fighting for causes I believe in. Where I can then offer my services as a chef, by cooking a meal that ideally creates community and conversations around the table that inspire people beyond that very moment to do something more.

I am presently working on several projects that focus on community development, activism, healthy eating, and communication. For example:

  • Call Me Caro: Since leaving the restaurant business full time I've gone on to continue the art of cooking through personal and brand collaborations, partnerships, food consulting and menu development.

  • TEDx NYC: I am working with the team from TEDx as the Food & Beverage Director, handling programming.surrounding the weekend-long conference which will be held this February.

  • The XX House: This coming Winter I will be curating the culinary program at The XX House, a coworking & community space located in Williamsburg.

  • Food Lab One Table Dinner Series: I recently produced and spoke at the South Hampton Foodlab conference founded by award winning producer, Geoffrey Drummond. This year the emphasis was on eating local while thinking global.

  • Greatist Dinner Series: I am the chef/Co-host of the bi-monthly dinner series hosted by Greatist founder, Derek Franlich where we discuss the “The Future Of” topics such as Self Improvement, Healthy Eating & Fitness.

  • The Assemblage: Ayurvedic doctor, Noel Graupner and I acted as consultants and created the Food & Beverage program for The Assemblage, a recently-launched 13 floor co-working space in New York City.

  • The Supper Women: hospitality/brand strategist Jennifer Batchelor and I launched “The Supper Women", a series of dinner experiences aimed at redefining the role of the matriarchy as we see it. We have produced 40-person dinners in NYC and LA in collaboration with the almond milk brand, Califia Farms, and we’ll be doing dinners in Portland, Oregon and London. We're presently working on a multifaceted dinner series entitled: "The Future of All Things".


Restaurants & Catering

I am presently the chef of Hungry Beast, (CDMX) a kitchen & Juice Bar that focuses on flavors from all over the world, but with a focus on using organic and local products. This coming year we’ll be opening our second location in Polanco, and collaborating with Sobremesa MX & Sartoria & Mia Co-Growing.

I was one of the co-founders of Comodo, (NYC) a Latin American inspired restaurant that received reputable recognition from publications such as, NYTimes, Zagat, TimeOut, Grubstreet & Michelin Guide.

When it comes to catering I primarily focus on smaller celebratory/press dinners, gatherings, and retreats. (Keep in mind I will travel to cook, anytime.)

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ARticles & Recipes

My ultimate passion is creating healthy eating options for people of all ages, backgrounds, all. And what better way to do so than through media. To that end, I’ve written for Bon Appetit’s Healthy-ish, Mindbodygreen, Furthermore and Clean Plates. I have also volunteered for or worked together with ButterBeans, The Cooke Center, Bubble Org, Brooklyn Arbor School, FoodCorps, and Food Fight.

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